Enpass Password Manager MOD APK

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November 29, 2022
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Description of Enpass Password Manager MOD APK

Enpass Password Manager MOD APK is a free offline password manager published by Enpass Technologies Inc. to organize and save your passwords without any problem. In addition to passwords, it can also keep your other private information like; driving licenses, credit cards, and the details of  bank accounts for the tech-savviest among us. So you don’t need to hark back all of your passwords anymore, you just need to remember one master password and leave the rest to the app. Password manager apps are no longer a luxury, they are a necessity, and the companies like Enpass are at the forefront of securing your password and ensuring that your passwords are complex enough so nobody can violate your security in today’s digitized world. And your passwords are safely and securely saved in their application.

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This version of Enpass has distinguished itself as being able to be an offline password manager, meaning the app stores all the encoded data on users’ gadgets rather than on its own servers. This makes data less susceptible to hacking and it also makes data more secure. It is only one of the few providers that provide a completely free desktop option to its users. So at the end of the day, it is really a safe and reliable option for people who want to upgrade their security game. As hackers get more and more sophisticated so it is more important to create and manage unique and complex passwords for all of your accounts and login credentials and Enpass makes it easy.

Enpass Password Manager MOD APK

Features of Enpass Password Manager MOD APK

Powerful security measurement to protect your Password

In terms of safety not only Enpass is equipped with 256bit AES military-grade encryption it also adds another layer of protection with SQLCipher meaning your data is guarded even from the most serious cyber assaults and phishing attacks. The security features of this app are competitive and applicable in today’s day and age. To start, Enpass uses industry standards 256bit AES encryption the same used by government agents and militaries around the world for the top of the line of protection. The additional SQLCipher adds an extra layer of security.

Offline Mode

Offline mode is the unique feature of this password-saving app. Enpass is the first app to offer offline mode which makes this app more trustworthy because your encrypted passwords are stored locally (offline) on your devices and the app doesn’t save the information on its own server that could be hacked.  This means not even Enpass can breach your security and see any of your data or information since its only stored Locally. Maybe you like this similar app Success Life Coach Mod APK.

Theme and templates

This app provides you with two different kinds of color themes you can choose any of them depending on your preference;

  • Light theme (default)
  • Dark theme

The app provides you with the options of dozens of templates that are built-in the app or you can create a new one from the “customize” option in the “settings”. You can name the template according to your own choice and can add new features to your customized templates by the option of;

  • Add section
  • Add field

If you have more than one vault, then you can select the vault you want the changes to be done and add features to it.


Enpass Password Manager MOD APK



You can synchronize your data with your own storage clouds. I.e. Google Drive, One Drive, iCloud, Dropbox, Nextcloud, Cloud, and WebDAV. So none of your personal information is saved in the Enpass server and the synchronization process is also secured and less susceptible to hackers. You can synchronize your sensitive data between your different gadgets. The data sync through wifi option has one advantage, if both devices are on wifi then the data will always be up contemporary.

Password audit

The password audit is a handy tool that identifies weak, repetitive, or compromised passwords of your different accounts and makes separate categories of them. This option also gives strong suggestions for different passwords while setting them. Its password generator creates a 6-word passphrase as a default setting that will help you in remembering those passwords. You can also configure it to create more customizable 32-character strings and level up your security.


The best feature of this app is its multiple vaults. Multiple vaults allow you to keep all your data organized into separate profiles (vaults) for personal, work, and family profiles. The family profile gives access to multiple people so your family can also get benefited from this app, and save and secure their passwords.

Enable-Auto fills

For all the tech geeks out there this app offers you the most intriguing feature of automatically filling in your logins and it will protect you from all the black hat and white hat hackers. This option is also for shopaholics, auto-filling of their billing details with the help of this app will save their precious time and strict security measurements from the Enpass will protect them from phishing attacks.

So now we know that not just login passwords, this app also saves payment details, addresses, contact information, and even FTP (file transfer protocol) servers for the tech geeks. Its autofill function needs more steps than other apps by requiring you to click within the browser extension to use or save relevant data.


Enpass Password Manager MOD APK


Password sharing

This version of Enpass also offers password sharing, and the device also generates pre-shared keys (PSKs) to allow the encrypted sharing of that information, which is also a totally secure process offered by the app.

Security alert messages

The safest feature of this app is that if someone has hacked your logins and violated your security line then you will receive security alert messages. So you can change the compromised passwords.

Premium support from the team

Enpass provides premium support to its users regarding the master password,  management of accounts, passwords, and user queries.  For your queries, you can contact the support team via email, LinkedIn, Facebook, or twitter.

How To Download?

You can download the APK version of this app on your android devices from our website by the following steps;

  • Enable the option “Unknown Sources”
  • Press the “Download” button given on the app
  • After downloading the installation process will start
  • After complete installation, open and enjoy the totally free version of the app with all its amazing features.

Note; enabling unknown sources is important for android users to download apps from other than the Google play store.


Enpass Password Manager MOD APK


Final thoughts

This app uses 256bit AES military-grade security system in an addition to SQLCipher that provides an extra layer of security to your data. It means your data is in safe hands. This app offers you different options of vaults to categorize your weak and repetitive passwords. Download this app for saving your passwords and make your life hassle-free.


Q. Where does Enpass store passwords?

Enpass Password Manager MOD APK stores your information offline.

Q. How much does this app cost?

If you want to increase storage then you have to pay for it. You can enjoy all the free and premium features of the app without any cost from our website.

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